Wholesale Bulk Amenities


Purely Salt Spring has created a Line of Bulk Hotel and Spa Amenities.

We work in Partnership with a Canadian Dispenser Company to provide you with the tools you need to begin saving up to 70% on Amenity costs immediately.

Using our stylish dispensers and a quality liquid product you can see return on investment in the first 4 months.

Now that is Savings!




One of the first things your guests do upon arrival is check the quality of the bathroom. A well appointed facility that offers quality decor and equipment speaks volumes about the quality of a property and choosing the right amenities can make a lasting impression on your guests.

When deciding on the Dispenser that is right for you, contact us. We will help you decide on the color scheme to suit the feel of your establishment. We want you to be unique and stand out. We want your guests to remember you.
With the “Green” trend rapidly gaining deserved awareness, it’s important that all quality facilities are on board. Using a Dispenser and eliminating the waste from disposable amenities up’s your “Green Standard”. It will save you money, time and reduce waste.
Health and Wellness awareness is high and people of all walks of life are learning the value of quality products. Purely Salt spring Products are Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Paraben Free and scented with Essential Oils. They contain no artificial colors or fragrances.
Our products are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your guests!


One of the easiest green initiatives hotels can take in their move toward being a sustainable hotel is using bulk amenity dispensers. The benefits of using bulk dispensers over individual amenities include:
  • saving money
  • saving storage space
  • saving housekeeping time
  • wider choice of quality products
  • saving counter space in guest bathrooms
  • an ever ready supply of soap and shampoo
  • your guest will Love our scents and our products and they will value your attention to detail.
  • you will improve your guest’s experience and thereby enhance their appreciation of your property as a luxury destination.
  • your guest will appreciate the fact that our products are also featured in your resorts’ spa and retail boutique.
  • most importantly, you will successfully boost your profits by connecting you’re in room amenities to your spa and to your sales and marketing teams.
Private Label

Label requirements:
1000 label per product
We provide our label requirements and you provide camera ready artwork
OR our graphics team is available for $75/hour
Payment for labels is upfront, separate from product order.