16 Feb 2014

Trashing the “trash it” mentality.

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We need a complete culture shift away from our dependence on single use disposable plastic items. I have no problems with plastic in general but we need to start realizing that plastic is way too precious to be using in items that are used for a fraction of time and then discarded. More often than not our plastic packaging, wrapping and containers are not even recyclable.

IMG_3991We must first reduce our dependence on single use disposable items. Choose reusable items instead. There are great alternatives out there like reusable bags, bottles, coffee cups, take away containers, cutlery etc. Take a look around you, most of what we eat, drink, or use comes packaged petroleum plastic. A material designed to last forever yet more often than not is used for products we throw away. This “trash it” mentality is a relatively new phenomenon. Just a generation ago, we packaged our products in durable, reusable and recyclable materials like glass, metals and paper. Today our landfills and beaches are covered in plastic packaging and cheaply made products that have no purpose after their short lifecycle. We must demand zero tolerance for plastic pollution. Reducing consumption will reduce production and will go a long way in protecting the earth and ultimately ourselves.

Purely Salt Spring challenges you to ‘Take 2 with U’

The ‘Take 2 with U’ challenge is simply this: take 2 pieces of garbage with you when you leave the beach, lake or hiking trail and you have made a difference.

The best thing about ‘Take 2 with U’ is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. The “keep it clean” mentality applies to nature. This is our earth, our responsibility, and our home. Whether you are on the street, on the beach or in the forest ‘Take 2 with you’.